Budgeting & Forecasting

Sumatia Financials Budgeting module reduces time and frustration in preparing budgets and forecasts.

Maybe this is a little more extreme, but I bet it sounds similar to your budgeting and forecasting process?

“I was a budget analyst for a telecomm company with 5 divisions and 14 profit centers in corporate, which all had to be consolidated and re-forcasted every month.

Every entity had a separate spreadsheet and to prepare a consolidation, all the latest versions had to be in the same directory. Then macros in a master spreadsheet ~ that someone who wasn’t with the company any longer wrote ~ would process all of the files and combine them into the new forecast. Then I would have to tick and tie all of the numbers to ensure that they were correct. If anyone inserted a row, the whole thing would break and I’d have to got through each spreadsheet to find and fix the difference.

If anything changed, the entire process started over. Every month, re-forecasting took a week of 10~12 hour days to put the final version together.”

Your budgeting process probably consists of multiple spreadsheets, questions about which version is the latest, and spending hours trying to analyze the impact of what-if scenarios to choose the final version.

For a lot of companies, this process can last a couple of months.

If you’re re-forecasting semi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly, then you revisit this every month. Except now you have to incorporate the actual results.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Sumatia Financials Budgeting module simplifies the process of preparing budgets and forecasts through it’s plan-based design.