Flexible Consolidation

How do you need to see your financial results?

To understand how your business is performing, you need flexibility to be able to view your financial results from different perspectives.

Sumatia Financials Consolidation EngineTM provides a completely dynamic platform for compiling your income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow and trial balance. The Consolidation Engine allow you to quickly create hierarchies for viewing your results by:

  • Geography
  • Line of Business
  • Profit Center
  • Investors and/or Owners

Sumatia Financials dynamic consolidation is a game-changer for accounting staff. You can easily show GAAP and non-GAAP consolidations, and even make changes to hierarchies on demand — the Consolidation Engine automatically rolls up your results.

With Sumatia Financials, you can present your financial reports any way you want.